Japanese Resale Street Style w/ Paisley Print Shirt, Lakers Cropped Top, Drawstring Pants, Loafers & Headscarf

While out on the streets of Tokyo, we came across Kyoni, a 17-year-old student sporting an eclectic street style.

Sporting a bun with a printed headscarf, Kyoni is clad in a head-to-toe resale outfit which consists of a satin paisley print peach shirt, worn over a black Lakers cropped top and paired with blue Sport Style drawstring pants. White socks, black leather loafers, and accessories such as oversized geometric earrings, a gold chunky chain with a 2Pac pendant necklace, a gold chain bracelet and a silver watch rounded out her style. In addition, Kyoni is holding a see-through tote bag with yellow piping and a blue suede inner pouch.

Kyoni mentioned that she loves the music of Nicki Minaj.

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