Japanese School Uniform, Pink Hair, Nail Art & Kumatan in Harajuku

Mamichu is a friendly 18-year-old girl who we met on the street in Harajuku after dark. Her pink and blonde hair is the first thing that caught our eye.

Mamichu’s gyaru-friendly look includes a Japanese school uniform with the traditional plaid skirt and loafers. Accessories include a knit beanie, a WC Kumatan tote bag, a leopard print backpack, and jeweled nail art. For more pictures of Mamichu’s fashion, check out her personal Twitter!

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  1. I love absolutely EVERYTHING about her look! It’s my favorite. Kawaii desu ne!

  2. Victoria Moore

    What a cute little schoolgirl. I love her nail art!

  3. すてきなスタイルですね!I love this entire look!