Japanese Shironuri Artist Minori w/ Green & White Vintage Fashion in Harajuku

Minori is a well-known shironuri artist who we see around Harajuku quite often. If you’d like to know more about her, check out this Japanese shironuri documentary we produced last year. Minori just announced yesterday that she will be a featured guest at Anime Matsuri 2015 in Houston, Texas.

Minori’s outfit this time features a white vintage dress with a handmade hat, green scarf, green vintage bag, white gloves, white tights, and handpainted gold heels. As always, her handpainted shironuri makeup is a big highlight of the look.

For more information on Minori, visit her official website or find her on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr.

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  1. Joanangel

    AAAAAAAAH! I just love Minori. *________*

  2. ふくはとてもかわいいです!^^みのりさんは美しいです!
    Her outfit is so cute! Minori-san is so beautiful! ^ ^

  3. She’s so cute ! she looks like a doll *_*