Japanese Street Fashion Trend 2016 Winter – Pink Caps

We spend most of our days wandering around the street of Harajuku looking for interesting fashion. While out on the street, we also make regular stops at popular and influential shops to see what what items are selling well and what trends are hot.

In the last month or so, there’s been one trend that caught our attention for its specificness – light pink baseball caps.

The three most popular Harajuku young women’s trend shops – Spinns, WEGO, and Bubbles – are all promoting caps in various colors, but the light pink ones have taken off above all others. The pink color of the caps – often with embroidered text or logos – is reminiscent of vintage Polo Ralph Lauren. In fact, kids who frequent some of Harajuku hippest vintage boutiques have been wearing similar caps long before the current trend. Japanese teen and early-20s girls have taken to these pink caps in such numbers that we can count several per hour while walking around the streets of Harajuku.

The trend is so very specific that we can’t imagine it will last beyond Spring 2016, but for now, enjoy these pics of pink caps in Harajuku shops and on Harajuku girls!

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