Japanese Streetwear Styles w/ Pink Hair, Codona De Moda, Oh Pearl Striped Top, Kobinai, Milkfed & White Demonia Platforms

In Harajuku, we came upon Kanako and Gakuki, a Japanese duo whose interesting styles caught our eye.

At the left is Kanako with a curly, blonde hair. The 19-year-old student is dressed in a black-and-white Adult Partys hoodie sweatshirt with extra long sleeves from Oh Pearl, which she tucked into black, faux leather pants with a logo patch from Kobinai. Kanako tucked her pants into her white platform shoes from Demonia and finished off her monochrome style with a long studded leather belt and a black sling bag from Milkfed. Kanako loves listening to rock music and Nirvana, and she is active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, pink-haired Gakuki is clad in a black belted long sleeve top, which features a purple collar, a capelet with purple trims, and gold pendants hanging from the side of his sleeves. The 18-year-old wore a white shirt underneath his cape top, and paired them with wide leg flared jeans with distressed trims from Codona De Moda. Silver metallic heeled boots, also from Codona De Moda and accessories such as a silver chain necklace with a large statement pendant, a silver belt, and silver knuckle rings. Gakuki’s favorite fashion brand is Keisuke Kanda, and he is also active on Instagram.

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