Japanese Streetwear w/ Dog Harajuku Metal Face Mask, Spikes, Studs, Safety Pins, Flowers & Platform Boots

Kanji is a 17-year-old Japanese high school student who we have been seeing around the streets of Harajuku quite a bit lately. He love handmade and remake fashion, often to the extreme.

Kanji is wearing a handmade coat (decorated with flowers, plants and even a birdcage) over a top by Heron Preston, Dolls Kill flame pants, and spiked New Rock platform boots. His eye-catching metal face mask is from the famous Dog Harajuku boutique. He’s also wearing an assortment of layered studs, spikes, leather straps, safety pins, pins, buttons, and other punk and subculture inspired items. His hologram alien face bag is from Romantic Standard.

Kanji’s favorite fashion brands and shops include Dog, Dolls Kill, YRU, and New Rock. His favorite bands are Bump of Chicken, Nirvana, and the Sex Pistols. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter for more of his unique handmade and remake street fashion.

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