Japanese Streetwear w/ Maison Margiela Neon Blazer, Gucci Top, Striped Overalls & Thom Browne Loafers

In Harajuku, we came across Tan_Taa, a 21-year-old fashion student whose statement streetwear style definitely attracted our attention.

Tan_Taa is decked out in a neon green Maison Margiela blazer with contrast pocket stitching, which he donned over a floral print top from Gucci and deadstock Round House denim striped overalls that are cuffed at the hem. White socks, black Thom Browne suede loafers with gold dog embroidery, and an olive green belt completed his ensemble. Accessories – some from Ileana Makri – include a pink hat, sunglasses, multiple ear and facial piercings, geometric earrings, gauged ears, chain earrings, and a matching Gucci neck scarf.

Maison Margiela is Tan_Taa’s favorite fashion label, and he likes the music of Joy Division. Follow Tan_Taa on Instagram.

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