Japanese Student in Grimoire and Mysty Woman

We photographed this pretty college student in Harajuku. Her long print dress is from Grimoire and her leather-look jacket is from Mysty Woman. Her lace scarf is from Wonder Rocket. Her accessories include a button-theme watch from Par Avion and a cute violet bag from Coach. Her Mary Jane style shoes are from Crisp.

Her favorite shops are Grimoire, a leading Dolly-kei store, and Crisp, a select and resale shop. Her favorite band is Dirty Old Men, an indie J-rock band.
Japanese Student in Grimoire and Mysty Woman

Wonder Rocket lace scarf and Grimoire dress

Violet Coach bag

Mary Jane shoes from Crip with ankle socks

Auburn bob and lace scarf

Par Avion watch with button theme

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  1. That is a GREAT haircut! You should list the salon she goes to.

  2. Her watch is so cool!
    I laughed because of the woman in the first photograph trying to run out of the picture ^///^

  3. she doesn’t look like someone who’d listen to a band called “dirty old men”

  4. her face is sooooo cute ^^ and nice hair., i’m Jealous :(

  5. I’love all the style.. I’ll rip it ;) just ‘coz it suits me!