Marina and Mikki are two Japanese girls we met near Takeshita Dori in Harajuku. We don’t snap too many lolitas, but the combined power of their pink and blue Sweet Lolita outfits won us over in this case!

On the right is 18-year-old Marina, a specialty school student. She’s wearing a light blue polka dot dress from the Japanese Sweet Lolita brand Angelic Pretty, pink stockings, and pink shoes with bows on the straps that she said she purchased in Harajuku. Her accessories include a huge hair bow from Angelic Pretty, a pink Angelic Pretty hear purse, a 6%DOKIDOKI shooting stars clip, a pastel stars necklace, a pink Baby The Stars Shine Bright parasol, a Sugar Bunny plush doll, and several small Hello Kitty bags. Her plush backpack is a “Lyrical Bunny” bag from Angelic Pretty. Marina told us that her favorite brand is Angelic Pretty and her favorite band is the GazettE.

On the left is 20-year-old Mikki, also a student. Mikki is wearing a pink Sweet Lolita dress with stripes and bows, a large pink hair bow, pink tights, and pink shoes she bought in Harajuku. Her pink heart-and-bow handbag is from Angelic Pretty, her strawberry necklace and bow bracelet are from Swimmer, and she’s also wearing several bead bracelets. Mikki also told us that her favorite fashion brand is Angelic Pretty.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.


  1. very girly, and I feel the colours surrounding them, it makes me feel happy !! Love it, love it love it…….. This is how seeing clothes and wearing one should feel and felt :)

  2. Outifts are awesome! and one things for sure, the toys at Mcdonalds in Japan are a hell of alot cooler than here! x

  3. They look so cute! I love their hair and make-up ♥

  4. Oh my gooooodnesssssss! ^_^ oh I love it. all so lovely and coordinated! :) I would wear all of that and have my hair like it :) awesome Loli’s with a personal touch i feel :D xx

  5. Sooooooo Cute! Beautiful colors, the lady in Pink has Such a beautiful face. Both are super cute.

  6. Starlight

    Oh my god!! The little rabbit on Marina’s bag is from McDonalds?! I want that cute stuff in our happy meals!! ;__;

  7. Aw, Happy Icecream! I loved that series from AP *w*

  8. I WANT UR LOLITA DRESS!!!!! And also her bunny bag too!!! <3

  9. I love everything what they have on, super kawaii ^^

  10. the blonde one’s backpack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT!!!!! :D!!!

  11. Stephanie D. Brown

    omg the blonde is soooooo cuten :))