Japanese Hime Gyaru in Fuzzy Pink Slippers

This blonde Japanese girl was photographed near LaForet Harajuku. She was dressed in all pink and her hair was done beautifully. Lolita sub-genres are not my specialty, but this looks like the style sold by Angelic Pretty in LaForet Harajuku – and that makes me believe it’s Sweet Lolita (check for the update below – I was wrong). As far as her outfit, she’s wearing a large pink hair bow that matches her dress (which is also covered in pink bows), as pink bow handbag, a pink heart necklace, stockings with illustrations of high heels on them, and fuzzy pink slippers (yes, slippers!) with big hearts on them. She is also carrying a pink phone and an extra handbag, which is white with pink flowers and a large pink bonbon on it. To say this girl was “cute” would be quite an understatement – she was like cute times one thousand.

Update: A few users – including some here and some on Flickr – have told me that I am (once again) wrong about the genre of this girl’s fashion. It’s likely not Sweet Lolita but rather Hime Gyaru. Lydia Milne on Flickr said that this girl is wearing some items from the brand Jesus Diamante. Sorry to all of those offended. The last thing I need is a bunch of angry Lolitas or Gals in pink bows attacking the TokyoFashion.com HQ in Harajuku. :-) Really, I appreciate the correction!

Japanese Sweet Lolita

Pink Lolita Slippers

Click the top photo to enlarge it.

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  1. That’s actually Hime gyaru and not sweet lolita I think?

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  3. She looks like a staff-chan for the Harajuku Jesus Diamante store, a specialized Hime store.

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  5. She look so cute.
    I love Hime Gyaru style but why she have slippers.. no no no… not good.

  6. SLippers with a dress =D Hmmm
    I gùess thats the hwol idea of tokyo fàshion ^^

  7. aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA….
    dress is cool, even slipers are funny
    but……kowai kao 0.0

  8. jesus diamante just reminds me of “dolly dare” from london…
    check it out- it’s pretty cute!

  9. hime gyaru or sweet lolita..
    dosen´t matter
    it´s CUTE!

    but …
    the slippers.. why are slippers?? :O