Japanese Teen Model w/ Oversized Hair Bow, Sunflower Sunglasses, O-Ring Choker, 6%DokiDoki Gingham Cherry Print Dress, Resale Heart Bag, Stacked Jewelry & Yosuke Strap Boots

Sporting a striking outfit on the streets of Harajuku is Nennen, a 15-year-old model.

In addition to her blonde fringed bob styled with a black oversized hair bow, Nennen is dressed in a black gingham patterned dress with a cute cherry motif from 6%DokiDoki. She also wore white thigh-high socks, stepped into a pair of black high-cut strap boots from Yosuke and carried a resale red see-through heart-shaped bag. Nennen embellished her style with accessories – mostly from 6%DokiDoki – such as a single red heart chain earring, a black leather o-ring choker, multiple cute pin badges, sunflower sunglasses, an assortment of beaded bracelets stacked on each wrist and a cute red ring.

San To Nibun No Ichi is one of Nennen’s favorite fashion brands and she lists South Korean boy groups NCT, SHINee and Super Junior as her top music picks. Follow Nennen’s social media updates on Twitter and Instagram.

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