Japanese Teen Squad in Bold Harajuku Streetwear Styles

While walking along the Harajuku street at night, we came upon this group of teens who easily caught our eye with their bold, colorful streetwear outfits. From left to right, they are: Billimayu, Shiiio, Mawoni, Soso and Miori.

At the left most side is Billimayu, a 15-year-old student. He is dressed in a red double-breasted plaid coat from Kinji, which he wore over a blue vintage button down plaid shirt. He styled his plaid tops with black flared pants from Faith Tokyo, black leather booties from Forever21, and a purple Disney Sea sling bag. His accessories – some from WEGO – include a white kanji print head band, mismatched earrings, a leather lock choker necklace, and zebra print suspenders. Moschino is Billimayu’s fashion favorite and he likes the music of Big Bang. Follow Billimayu on Instagram.

Next is 17-year-old Shiiio, whose red-themed look consists of a red Tweety Bird hoodie sweater, hand-me-down denim shorts with Betty Boop hem adornments, red ribbed leg warmers with green bows from Club Lovage over black socks, and Demonia platform shoes. She accessorized with a sage green fur pillbox hat, and she is carrying a printed tote from LeSportsac. Shiiio’s favorite fashion brand is Faith Tokyo, and her musical favorites are NCT, Wanna One, and JBJ.

At the middle sporting twin tails is 15-year-old Mawoni, who is clad in a black skeleton print jacket from Adidas, worn with a red New York Joe mandarin collar top, and both tucked into blue thai boxing shorts from Don Don Down On Wednesday. She completed her style with black-and-white kanji print socks, platform patent leather boots from King Family, and a dark blue belt bag, also from King Family. She accessorized with chinese hair bun styles, hoop earrings, clear glasses with strawberry prints, and a black leather body harness, some of which are from Romantic Standard. Kinji is Mawoni’s favorite brand and she enjoys the music of Kiss.

Meanwhile, 15-year-old Soso donned a green and purple outfit, which consists of a green denim jacket with a shearling collar, matching denim shorts, and a purple mock-neck shirt – all of which came from Peco Club. Purple tights, printed sneakers from Spinns, and a purple tote bag from Teenstyle completed his look. Peco Club is Soso’s fashion favorite, while he likes listening to Kids in America. Soso is also active on Twitter and Instagram.

Last is 16-year-old Miori, whose ensemble features a faux fur leopard print coat from Azul, worn over a red ruffle blouse bought in Koenji, and black hand-me-down quilted shorts. She capped off her look with yellow tights, hand-me-down Never Mind the XU platform lace-up shoes, and a red tote bag from Maison de Fleur. She accessorized with a fur pillbox hat, flower earrings bought in Koenji, and a Kinji ring. Miori’s favorite brands are Kinji and Moschino, and she is a fan of Lady Gaga. Follow Miori on Twitter and Instagram.

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