Japanese Girl’s Vintage Fashion & Cute Braids on Cat Street

Here’s a friendly vintage (or cult party kei) inspired girl we met on Cat Street between Harajuku and Shibuya. Her cute braids with bows and makeup are what first caught our attention.

She’s wearing a shearling coat over a long patchwork polka dot and striped dress, white tights, ruffle socks, and brown leather boots. Accessories include a wooden cross earring, a vintage graphic apron (an item we’ve seen at several Tokyo vintage shops lately), and a large fur. Her canvas bag features manga artwork, a polka dot bow, and a small rose.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. I want that stole I love it!!

    PS I can’t wait to see all the anti fur comments. they are just so fun to read rofl

  2. ahhhh lots of people in japan have fox around their necks. its called fashion
    people been using animals since the dawn of time =]
    PS i love her shoes!!

  3. There is nothing fun to wear a real fox as a scarf.
    A plush scarf with faux fur would be so much nicer and original than a dead animal…

  4. uhm… i feel very sorry,
    but.. i don’t like that (( π __π))p

    the corpse around her neck ruins the whole outfit …

  5. SO many other options I don’t see the need to wrap a carcass around your neck.

  6. I’m definitively not thrilled about the fur, but I have to admit the overall look is great.

    BTW, I’d like to say to the person up there who said anti-fur comments are “funny” that this is a very complex debate, but I don’t think that being concerned about the death of animals (specially for decorative purposes) is something to laugh about.

  7. I think she’s one of the cutest girls here I’ve seen so far! I really love her outfit.

    All of you must be vegetarians, because eating meat is eating dead animals. So unless all of you are vegan-peta members, then you should probably shut up. The way they treat cows and chickens and other animals is disgusting, so I don’t see how eating meat and having a fox-fur around your neck makes a difference.

  8. I am pretty sure this fox scarf is the one my mother has thrown in the 70s !
    It is sad to see sheeps wearing fur when it is “à la mode” again…

    How it is easy to say “oh you eat meat so you cannot have an opinion about wearing fur so shut up !”
    Yes I am vegetarian and all I wear and create is vegan so I think I am more than legitimate to talk about that.

    I think there is a huge difference between killing animals for the meat and killing them for fashion even if I am against both. This last is so narcissistic and useless.

  9. Excuse me, you’re talking to a person who’s way of living is based on hunting animals and using their fur to SURVIVE. Most of my people depend on making money by hunting foxes for their fur to sell. I’m Inuit, and as a person from the North, killing seals and caribou is what my family depends on. You may argue in this day and age that we could just you know, head over to the store and buy synthetic goods and other food that doesn’t involve animals being harmed, but hey, did you know that an apple costs about $3.00 up here?
    There are so many more issues today, than the well-being of animals. Why not spend your time and energy focusing on the well-being of abused children and people living with terrible diseases and poverty?
    So I’m pretty sure I’m actually the one who is more legitimate to talk about this is. Narcissism is selfishness and personal interest in one’s own self, and being self-righteous.
    I’m pretty sure all of these comments are useless, including yours. Simply whining and complaining about her fox fur isn’t going to change the fact that she has it, and so do many other people. People need to get the facts straight first. In fact, most of the clothing that these people probably wear is made by little children in sweatshops.
    Actually, everything that we consume is somehow linked to the suffering of all human-kind and animals. So unless you don’t exist at all, that’s when I’ll start believing what you have to say. Simply living and breathing is causing many to suffer. Simply walking causes other people to suffer.
    And no, I’m not the one being narcissistic, I’m simply just stating the truth.

  10. I agree with ” Akina ” , simply existing is causing other beings to suffer . My existence is causing others to suffer . ” Nya ” is pretty ignorant and full of themselves . That is very hypocritical , the comment about ‘ narcissism ‘ . Maybe one should know the actual meaning of a certain word before using it . Self-righteousness is certainly not an attractive trait , ” Nya “.
    Thank you .

  11. … I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with thrifting fur, though, which is probably what she did. Especially since fake fur is made of plastic (bad for environment). It IS symbolic, which makes people uncomfortable. I personally couldn’t do it.

  12. furiswrong

    it seems to me that you’re the ones who are being self-righteous. who put human animals at the center of the universe? why should one have a moral obligation to care about “more important” human-related issues than well-being of non-human animals? life of a non-human animal is no less precious than a human’s and they’re both as inconsequential. skinning non-human animals alive for fashion is just as cruel as having people work at sweatshops.
    ‘existing causes others to suffer’ sounds cool and all, but one can choose how much suffering one causes while existing, at least to some degree. “be the change you want to see in the world.” don’t buy products made in sweatshops. don’t buy fur. without demand, there won’t be production. we don’t live in ice age, no one needs fur to survive. and for god’s sake please stop projecting veganism as some rich hipster thing. i’m a relatively poor person who lives in a third world country where ‘synthetic goods’ aren’t available/too expensive, and have been successfully vegan for two years without any health problems. even decreasing the meat consumption in your diet can make a difference in stopping cruelty.
    and, just because i laughed out loud that i can’t help adding; there are hundreds of things we use everyday without a second thought that are made of plastic and have organic alternatives, and millions of pollutants which come as a result of modern living. it’s really funny to use the eco-consciousness as an argument against fake fur.