Japanese Vintage Fashion Street Styles in Harajuku w/ Priere, Gunifuni, Qosmos, Business As Usual, LAD Musician, Kinji, Meno & Sugar Me

While taking an evening stroll in the Harajuku neighborhood, we came across Shota – an eCommerce site designer – and Yukarin – designer of the Japanese antique inspired fashion brand Priere.

Shota is dressed in a long plaid coat from Qosmos, over a black button down shirt from Business As Usual and a long printed skirt from LAD Musician. He capped off his outfit with black zipper boots, a black tote bag, and a butterfly lariat necklace. His favorite fashion brand is Ann Demeulemeester and he likes listening to rock music. Follow him on Instagram for his social media updates.

Meanwhile, Yukarin is sporting an antique street style, which features a Meno knit vest over a Kinji ruffle and lace dress with layered and asymmetrical hem. She paired tan socks with leather tassel loafers from Dr. Martens and she is carrying a Gunifuni ruffle lace bag, and a Priere sling purse with ruffle edges. To finish her look, Yukarin accessorized with satin bows for her twin tails, Sugar Me drop earrings, a gold pendant necklace, a pearl bracelet and vintage rings. Yukarin’s favorite brands are Anutrof and Meno. For more on Yukarin, follow her on her personal and official accounts on Instagram.

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