Jeanasis Faux Fur Stole & Haruta Loafers

This cute girl wearing brightly colored tights is Misako, a 19-year-old college student. Besides the tights, we noticed her cheetah-print faux fur stole, which she said she bought at Jeanasis. Her color-blocked pea coat and ruffled blue skirt are from resale shops.

Misako’s black patent tassel loafers are from Haruta. Her cute patchwork print bag is from Gelato Pique.

We asked Misako about her favorites. For fashion, she likes Pou Dou Dou and in music her favorite is Judy and Mary.
Jeanasis Faux Fur Stole & Haruta Loafers

Faux fur stole from Jeanasis

Resale color block pea coat

Gelato Pique patchwork print bag

Haruta loafers & Jeanasis tights

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  1. Those candy tights are trippy! I thought they were polka dot tights until the last picture close up. The tights get a thumbs up.

  2. We do not have those multi colored tights here in the US :(

  3. tights not good for this outfit and scarf too
    girl is cute though
    i like her coat and shirt