Jeanasis, Tokyo Chiip Lovers & World Wide Love vs. Red Kastane, Retro Girl & Lowrys Farm

We met Nanao and Rina in Harajuku during Japan Fashion Week.

Nanao is pictured to the right, in the red beret and blue-red scarf. She is 20 and she works in a shop. She is wearing a teddy bear fur coat from Jeanasis over a black dress, velvet leggings, and a letters print sweatshirt from Tokyo Chiip Lovers. Her crossbody bag is from World Wide Love and her platform boots are Tokyo Chiip Lovers. She accessorized with earrings and a silver band ring, and she told us her favorite label is Sevens.

Rina is the one to the left, wearing a flower crown and all white. She told us she’s also 20 and she works in apparel. Her coat is from Kastane, her favorite shop, worn over a Retro Girl dress and Lowrys Farm top. She was carrying a tennis tote bag with a cap reading “la gentillesse de jeune fille”. Her sneakers are Vans, and she’s a L’Arc~en~Ciel fan.

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