You never know who you’ll run into in Tokyo during Japan Fashion Week. Today, while out in Harajuku working on a photoshoot, the American fashion designer Jeremy Scott randomly walked right into one of our photos!

It would be hard to think of a designer who is more loved by Tokyo’s most experimental and creative street fashion kids than Jeremy Scott, so running into him was a big treat. Besides Scott’s trend-setting designs, we’re also big fans of his fierce independence and punk spirit. Even with all of the fame, he remains down to earth, friendly, and accessible to his fans (he was happy to pose for a photo with anyone who asked in Harajuku).

As far as Jeremy Scott’s fashion here, we didn’t want to take too much of his time, so we didn’t get brand info, but the overall outfit seems to have a Batman/superhero theme to it – with a Batman hat, Batman jacket, shiny (leather?) pants, and illustrated shoes. Every good super hero needs a furry black scarf, and he’s got that covered as well! Thank you to Jeremy Scott for being nice enough to pose for our pictures, and we recommend that you follow him on Twitter!

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.


  1. Way too rad, fkn love his style! Hope he is in Tokyo when I get there!!! Yay may! Ps. Any shopping tips, places would be rad!!! Xxxx thx

  2. Not familiar with him. Love the way you photo’d the street scene. :)

  3. sian Pau Pau

    that is why he is always go to Tokyo, because his collection is so copied harajuku style…he buy samples home and developed into Jeremy Copied Scott style…think of Niki Minaj what she wear is also copied Harajuku girl

  4. French Anny

    he looks quite old to be designing what he does.. anyway its all fun

    @sian Pau Pau – Tokyo style is a copy of literal western culture anyway, think english punk, lazy french province style

  5. Born Slippy


    LOL at French Anny. Tokyo style is definitely not a copy. They have translated western fashion into their own style. I also think relating Jeremy Scott’s age to his design and aesthetic is stupid.

  6. @Sian Pau Pau

    Hmm copied? I don’t really think so, it’s inspiration. Also Nicki Minaj, I’m not a fan of her music, but she is extremely cute! She doesn’t copy, she makes it known that it’s Harajuku. Copying is taking something and claiming it as your own.

    Now – where Tokyo style comes from? I don’t know, and I don’t care. I just care about if it’s creative. Many people like to mix and match, throw things together and aren’t afraid of expressing themselves. I don’t care where any fashion comes from. As long as the person who’s stuntin’ it is genuine about their style. I give props to Japan, but not just Japan, I give props to anyone who dares to do things people wouldn’t do.

    *clap clap*

    I don’t know Jeremy Scott, I’ve heard of him, but it doesn’t matter how old he is, he’s still rockin’ his style. :)