Jeremy Scott Pump & Circumstance in Harajuku

This colorfully dressed 22-year-old Japanese guy was photographed in Harajuku. He told us that “Jeremy” is his favorite fashion designer – and the most prominent piece in his outfit is a bright yellow Jeremy Scott “Pump & Circumstance” jacket. Besides the jacket, he’s wearing large glasses with red frames, skinny jeans from Loveless, a shiny multicolor bag from KTZ, and Nike sneakers. When we asked him what kind of music he likes, he said, “electro”.

Jeremy Scott & Loveless Fashion

Jeremy Scott Pump & Circumstance

KTZ Bag & Jeremy Scott Jacket

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  1. Such a pretty boy. If only he would throw away those red glasses ^^;;

  2. Limbu_chic

    i love his style..esp the glasses…i have one just like that…hehe

  3. His outfit is more suitable on a girl than on a guy. The look is just too feminine.

  4. the outfit is so gaudy and so does the bag. that hurt my eyes!

  5. 水木さん

    彼の髪恐ろしいです… …しかし、彼の服を…かわいい〜!

    aussi… いいお尻!

  6. He’s really cute, I like his outfit, too, it fits him so well :)

  7. Is there a specific name for that style of jacket? Does anyone know? I have been looking for something similar for some time.

  8. He’s advertising or making a protest?
    Not bad…a bit feminine.