John Holmstrom “Punk”, Candy Stripper & Nadia Cherries

This cute girl with trendy style is a 20-year-old college student who told us her name is “363.” She’s wearing a studded leather jacket from a used clothing store over a fringed Harley Davidson t-shirt. Her leopard-print pants are from Candy Stripper.

Her accessories include a fabric bag from Nadia with the double-cherry logo, a pin with the phrase “I Didn’t Know That” and a red baseball hat. She’s also carrying a “Punk” duffel bag by legendary 1970s punk illustrator John Holmstrom. She has two piercings in her ear and is wearing a chunky gold chain necklace.

363’s black-and-white platform Converse sneakers are from Nadia, which she said is her favorite fashion shop. Her socks are trimmed with red lace.

Harley Davidson t-shirt & Candy Stripper pants

Studded leather jacket & baseball hat

Gold chain & baseball hat

Punk duffel bag

Nadia bag with cherries

I Didn't Know That pin

Nadia sneakers, lace socks & leopard print pants

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  1. Anna Sorens/AS

    Sweet style,,she has my name on her hat,,

  2. I love her look, but I’m completely in love with her shoes….I need a pair!

  3. She is really cute, love everything except the pants, hate the pants.

  4. she is cute. but…i hate her hat :3 ,it looks just supid i think, but except that everything is cool ^^

  5. I think her necklace is from forever 21 because i have the exact same one! very cute and stylish. i love this look.

  6. ‘363’??? weird name XD but she looks rlly cool