Jouetie Cutoffs, Bomber Jacket & Ankle Boots in Harajuku

24-year-old Rieko works for the popular Japanese fashion brand Jouetie. Her trendy outfit caught our eye, and we stopped her for a few street snaps.

Rieko is wearing a resale khaki bomber jacket with birds printed on the back. Underneath, she has a white roses t-shirt from Crepeman and a pair of high waist denim cutoffs from Jouetie, worn with suspenders. Her black canvas bag is from Public Image, as you can read on it, while her platform ankle boots are Emoda. Rieko’s accessories – some of which came from Jouetie – include a knitted turban headband, a stud bracelet, a watch and a colorful raisin ring.

When it comes to shopping, Jouetie and Crepeman are Rieko’s favorite stores. As for music, she likes house, electro and DJ. Find her on Twitter, where she’s active as @jouetie_riii76.

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  1. I’m so proud that I recognize her eye makeup!! She followed a tutorial on Kera Magazine’s April 2012 issue. I’M SPAZZING OUT RIGHT NOW I FEEL LIKE MY SELF WORTH JUST INCREASED