Jouetie Haruka in Vintage Dress, Platform Wedges & Milkfed

This stylish & pretty girl is named Haruka Shimizu. Haruka is a spokesperson and model for the Japanese fashion brand Jouetie.

When we ran into Haruka in Harajuku, she said she bought some of the items in her outfit from shops in the USA. Her blue dress (with red stripes that match the red tinting in her hair) was purchased from a vintage store in Houston, and she picked up her tights at American Apparel in Los Angeles. She’s also wearing platform wedges from Top Shop Premium and carrying a black zippered purse from the Japanese brand Milkfed. Her accessories include a vintage Seiko men’s watch, studded bracelets from Jouetie, and a chain necklace with gold coin charms.

Haruka’s favorite fashion brand is Jouetie. She likes to listen to US/UK rock and R&B music. If you want to know more about her or about Jouetie, check out the official Haruka Shimizu blog or follow her on Twitter.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. How cute is this girl? :D <3
    Love the look, and total cutie!

  2. Love the left bracelet. But why all the posing? She is way prettier when she stands normal.

  3. Stephanie Denise

    OMG she is sooo pretty!!!!love her style too!
    But just her face is sooo cute!

  4. That left bracelet looks like a Hermes collier de chien knock-off bracelet. Jealous.

  5. Linda, adorei os acessorios dourados, o sapato tá em alta, Laranja é super tendência. Amei o vestido azul, adorei as litras. As meninas japonesas sempre bem magras. <3

  6. Vocachara

    OMG its Haruka !!! She just followed me on twitter :) I love her.

  7. Very stylish girl, what a lovely lips I just want to kiss her :D her blue dress is very catchy and combines with all her gold accessories, her bag is really edgy, and her shoes… OMG I love her shoes, those shoes are beautiful!!! so is she :D I think I just felt in love he he

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