Junya Watanabe Shirt & Dior Boots

This trendy Japanese guy with long silver hair is a 19-year-old student named Ozawa. His short-sleeved white shirt is from Junya Watabane. Over the shirt are a couple of vests or sleeveless shirts.

Ozawa customized his skinny black jeans himself with slashes and silver spikes and studs. He also made his necklace, which is a small spiked coin purse.

Ozawa’s short boots are from Dior. His favorite labels are Commes des Garcons and Kota Ozawa.
Junya Watanabe shirt & Dior boots

Spiked purse necklace & vests

Long silver hair

Spike coin purse on chain

Ripped & spike skinny jeans, Dior boots

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  1. i ALWAYS wanted my hair like that T^T why?!?!?! so i have it green lol

  2. very eye-catching… but I’d go mad with these hair ^^ althoug looks cool

  3. I love every inch of this guy and his style this outfit is so nice I really love the necklace and the jeans he made

  4. The imagination behind this dress is amazing.
    The shoes go well with the ripped pants.
    Very, very well done…

  5. Dominique

    This is so cool!! He made those pants by himself. That’s pretty awesome. Very nice job.

  6. wow thats hot..
    i need those jeans they are amazing his coat looks like its a version out of howls moving castle and his purse well that i own XD

  7. it looks like he just came out of an anime movie