Juun.J Neoprene Sweater, Gucci Biker Jacket, Avan Trance & Mawi in Harajuku

Aran and Hiromi are a stylish Tokyo couple who we often see around the streets of Harajuku.

Aran is 22 and he’s a chef. He is wearing a Juun.J neoprene sweater printed with the face of a sheep-eared child, over a black shirt and Avan Trance pants. His bag is also from Juun.J (his favorite brand), and his boots are Julius. He accessorized with a hat, earrings, necklace and bracelet, which he bought from Mawi and Juun.J. Aran told us that he’s a Big Bang fan and that he’s active on both Twitter and Instagram.

Hiromi is 21 and she’s a hair salon assistant. She has blonde hair and she’s wearing a beret and red lipstick. She paired her red turtleneck with a jumpsuit and a plaid Gucci biker jacket. Her tote is Brooks Brothers and her boots are Dr. Martens. She is also wearing a golden necklace and pyramid earrings. Hiromi likes to shop at Sister Shibuya. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram if you like.

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