Juvenile Hall Rollcall Plaid, Hiro Lips Sweater & Horns Beret in Harajuku

Murayan is 24 and he works in apparel. His colorful outfit with mixed prints caught our eye as we were strolling in Harajuku.

He is wearing a sweater from Harajuku’s Hiro, with a large mouth/lips printed on the front. On top, he picked a Juvenile Hall Rollcall plaid jacket, with decorative bones. He is wearing colorful, printed pants and a plaid kilt, a scarf, a horns beret and printed sneakers (also from Hiro). His tote bag is from Honey’s Dead, his favorite shop.

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  1. That sweater is amazing. Expert layering from Harajuku, nonetheless.

  2. The shirt matches perfectly the the beret and that cool shirt.
    It’s interesting to see those writtenafterwards clothes pin on this outfit, they are usually worn by people with more vintage, soft looks ^^

  3. I only have one thing to say: AC/DC :D
    Don’t know if he’s a fan of the band or not, but his look just screams it out! :P

    Total rock&roll ^^