K3&co Cherry Platform Sandals, Nadia Harajuku Skirt & Daniel Johnston Tote

Cocomi is a Japanese fashion blogger who also works at the VlliVlli boutique in LaForet Harajuku. We often see her walking around the streets of Harajuku.

In addition to her pretty red and black streaked hair, Cocomi’s look here features a flower-print smiley face t-shirt that she bought in Hawaii with a plaid Nadia Harajuku skirt, fishnet stockings, and Cannabis x Very Brain x K3&co platform sandals with dangling cherries. She picked up her Daniel Johnston “Hi, How Are You” tote bag at the Harajuku vintage shop Kinsella.

Cocomi enjoys shopping at VlliVlii and Sankaku Harajuku. Her favorite musical groups include Hide and Boom Boom Satellites. For more pictures and info, find Cocomi on Twitter or Instagram.

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