K3&Co Platform Sandals, Houndstooth Shorts & Pin Nap in Harajuku

This is Ai, a 19-year-old student who was walking in Harajuku when we met. Her monochrome look caught our eye, so we asked if we could take a few street snaps.

Ai’s white tee is from Cannabis Tokyo, paired with Forever21 houndstooth shorts. She got her backpack from Ungaro and the platform sandals from K3&co. Her accessories are from Pin Nap, such as: a headband, cross earrings and a heart pendant.

Ai told us that Cannabis Tokyo is her favorite shop. She’s a fan of the Japanese band Radwimps. For more on what she likes, feel free to visit Ai’s Twitter.

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  1. Longroad12

    She is perfect, no flaws, from top to bottom, she has it all, very beautiful, now she is the Model the World can appreciate.