Katie Plush Jacket & Ruffled Converse All Stars

This is Qnny, who works as a company employee. She’s wearing a pink plush jacket from Katie (which is her favorite shop), leopard-print tights and cutoff denim shorts. Her cute ruffled yellow sneakers are Converse All Stars.

Qnny is carrying a handbag that’s shaped like a dog from merci beaucoup. Her silver rings, including an armor ring, are from Vivienne Westwood.
Katie Plush Jacket & Ruffled Converse All Stars

Plush pink jacket from Katie

Bob haircut & furry jacket

merci beaucoup handbag

Silver Vivienne Westwood rings

Ruffled Converse All Starts sneakers

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  1. Love those Converse all-stars!
    although they dont match the outfit very well ;)

  2. Wow, her hands are thin – but nice rings though.

  3. Loved all her look *-* the bag and the shoes are amazing

  4. Madonna Lily

    I also love her shoes! I’ve been looking for aome leggins like those Ò n Ó

    Definitely she must be ill! her hands are weird ._.

  5. hmm,her tights and shorts remind me Toshiya from Taiyou no ao PV.
    Shes cute ,but i yes,looks a bit ill..
    Love her rings,Nana one especially

  6. The bag totally looks like the one from Irregular choice!

    That outft is supercute, the shoes too, but it doesnt really match to her other clothes, but I like it ^^