Colorful Kawaii Fashion vs Dark Harajuku Street Style w/ 6%DOKIDOKI, Faith Tokyo, 7% More Pink, WC & Sakura Pop Candy

Pink-haired Sakura Pluto is a Neo Fairy Girl and Haruka is a 19-year-old student and model. We met these girls on the street in Harajuku and their contrasting styles caught our attention.

Sakura’s colorful kawaii fashion consists of an orange Jouetie sweater, a pink midi skirt from 7% More Pink, purple socks, Faith Tokyo aqua sneakers, and a purple backpack from WC. Her kawaii accessories from Sakura Pop Candy and 6%DokiDoki include glitter hair bows, a rainbow plushie necklace, beaded bracelets and colorful rings. Sakura’s favorite brands are Chuu and 6%DokiDoki and she listens to the music of Maaya Sakamoto. Catch Sakura on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Haruka in her all black outfit is wearing a Pac-Man t-shirt from WEGO, a black skirt from WC, black socks over fishnet stockings, black platform sandals, and a Nike drawstring backpack from WEGO. Her accessories include a distressed denim cap and an O-ring necklace from Faith Tokyo. Haruka’s favorite brands are WC and Never Mind the XU and she listens to the music of singer/rapper Daoko. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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