Kawaii Harajuku Resale & Handmade Fashion w/ Cat Ring & Donald Duck

We met Fumako, a friendly 21-year-old with a love of kawaii resale fashion, on the street in Harajuku.

Fumako is wearing a lace dress which she bought from a flea market, with a New York Joe Exchange robe on top. Her Donald & Mickey backpack is from the Harajuku resale shop Flamingo, and she paired her Nike sneakers with ruffle socks and polka dot tights. Fumako is wearing handmade accessories such as a cute cat ring, an angel necklace and transparent plastic hair ties.

We asked her what her favorite brand is, and she told us it’s Panama Boy. She’s also a fan of Yoeko Kurahashi and likes to hang out on Twitter.

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  1. She looks like a baby !
    She’s Cute ! Kawaii ne ?

  2. How is it possible for someone to be this cute?!?

  3. sammyswisso

    Cat ring is amazing & i ♡ the kawaii ichiban disney backpack ~ sweet