Kawaii Harajuku Street Fashion w/ Galaxxxy, 6%DOKIDOKI, ACDC Rag & Swimmer Japan

Chami is a 21-year-old art school student whose kawaii Japanese street style caught our eye in Harajuku.

Chami’s colorful look features layered tops from Galaxxxy Japan and ACDC Rag with plaid pink WC pants and WEGO platform shoes. Her kawaii accessories – some of which came from Swimmer Japan and Claire’s – include a toys necklace, a duck hat, candy bracelets, 6%DOKIDOKI teddy bear charms on her shoes, and a Sebastian Masuda print 6%DOKIDOKI tote bag.

Chami’s favorite fashion brand is the Harajuku icon 6%DOKIDOKI. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter for more colorful kawaii style pictures.

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