Kawaii Harajuku Street Styles w/ Colorful Hair, PUNYUS, Kobinai, ACDC Rag Powerpuff Girls, Uchu Hyakka, Disney Princess Backpack & Platform Sneakers

Easily catching our attention on the streets of Harajuku with their kawaii street styles are Kokona, Ayae, and Karen, a trio of Japanese teens.

Sporting a purple bob styled with a pink furry headband at the left is Kokona. The 16-year-old student is wearing a pink jacket, a pink striped collar shirt, and a pink jumperskirt from Punyus. Checkered pink socks with fruit prints, pink-and-white platform sneakers from WC, and a pink Disney princesses printed backpack completed her outfit. Her accessories – mostly from Spiral and Claire’s – include a heart pendant necklace, a pink duck bubble wand necklace, plushie toy keychains, multiple knuckle rings and cute glitter nail art. RRR and Kiki2 are two of Kokona’s fashion favorites, and she likes listening to the music of Twice. Check out Kokona’s style feed on Instagram.

At the middle sporting twin pink ombre braids is 15-year-old Ayae, a fashion student. She is dressed in a multi-colored printed blazer from Kobinai, worn over a white printed t-shirt and paired with a handmade white tiered ruffle skirt. A black leather chest harness, pastel colored ankle socks, black WEGO sneakers, and a pink studded chain-strap sling bag from Uchu Hyakka rounded out her look. Ayae loves to shop at Kobinai, and she enjoys the music of Polka Dot Stingray. You can follow her on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Karen’s streetwear style consists of a purple The Powerpuff Girls printed shirt from ACDC Rag, a baby pink maxi skirt with sheer panels from Punyus, heart print socks and pink-and-white platform sneakers, also from Punyus. The 16-year-old student finished off her style with accessories – some handmade and some from Claire’s – such as decora hair clips, layered decora necklaces, a heart pendant lanyard necklace, and multiple bead bracelets. In addition, Karen is toting a clear sling bag with pink trims and a plushie backpack from Thank You Mart. Karen lists ACDG Rag, Punyus and WC as her favorite fashion labels, and she loves listening to BTS and Disney songs. Karen is also active on Instagram.

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