Kawaii Harajuku Styles w/ Yowamushi Pedal, 6%DOKIDOKI, Nile Perch & WEGO

Mepura and Sara are two colorfully dressed girls – both with a love of sports manga – who we met in Harajuku.

Mepura – on the left – is wearing a cute colorful Japanese decora look. Her outfit includes a fuzzy polka dot 6%DOKIDOKI hoodie over a lace-decorated Nile Perch top, a 6%DOKIDOKI pastel tulle skirt, graphic tights, and colorful sneakers she purchased online. Her numerous kawaii decora accessories – including cute hair clips, arm warmers, rings, leg warmers, and necklaces – are from 6%DOKIDOKI, Nile Perch, and Swimmer. Mepura’s bag – covered in buttons and charms – is a shrine to her Yowamushi Pedal fandom (with lots of Midousuji Akira). Mepura’s favorite fashion brands include 6%DOKIDOKI and Nile Perch, and she likes the music of Miyavi. Find her on Twitter for more pics and info.

Sara – on the right – is wearing a long red houndstooth coat she picked up resale with a plaid Forever 21 dress, Dalmatian cartoon tights, graphic socks, and creepers she bought online. Some of her accessories – including a teddy bear beret and winged backpack – are from WEGO. Sara’s bag is also decorated with countless Yowamushi Pedal buttons, most of them dedicated to Naruko Shoukichi. Sara’s favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood and she likes the visual kei band Royz. Follow her on Twitter for more info!

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  1. Coat, shirt, stockings, socks, and the hair are fun. warm colors. The choices were beautiful and dream-like.