Kawaii Pink & Black Harajuku Street Styles w/ Handmade Dress, Ank Rouge Glitter Bag, Mint Neko Mesh Jacket, Glavil Ruffle Skirt & Teddy Monster Plushie

While walking down the Harajuku street one evening, we met Yunyun and Remon, two girls whose pink and black streetwear styles easily caught our attention.

Sporting blonde twin tails and glitter eye makeup, Yunyun – a 19-year-old student – is wearing a handmade pink long sleeve shirt dress with contrast laced purple collar, cuffs and pockets. The shirt dress also features pearl buttons and bow embellishments. She paired her top with a vintage pink-and-black midi skirt, pink glitter socks, and black platform lace up shoes from Yosuke. Yunyun embellished her outfit with colorful accessories such as pink bows and gemstone headband for her hair, pink pixel bead alien earrings from Yoshida Beads, and multiple decora bracelets and rings from 6%DokiDoki. In addition, she is carrying a pink glitter sling bag from Ank Rouge with black lace up details and silver heart-shaped top handles. Yunyun loves to shop at 6%DokiDoki and Yoshida Beads, and she likes listening to foreign music. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

At the right dressed in an all black look is Remon. The 16-year-old student is clad in a black mesh hoodie jacket with white polka dot prints from Mint Neko, which she wore with a vintage printed t-shirt and short black ruffle skirt with contrast zipper trims from Glavil. Remon finished off her look with thigh high dripping paint socks, black Reebok sneakers, and a floral and eye print backpack from Killstar. Her accessories – some from Claire’s, HellcatPunks – include a skeleton headband, leather belt choker, a Teddy Monster bear plushie necklace, multiple leather cuffs and rings. Killstar is Remon’s fashion favorite, and she enjoys the music of Sheena Ringo, Michael Jackson, Aimyon, and Yurumerumo! Remon is also active on Twitter and Instagram.

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