Kawaii Pink Twintails & Baby The Stars Shine Bright Gingham in Harajuku

Meet Michiyu, a 17-year-old student with cotton candy hair in twintails, and a sweet lolita outfit in pink and red.

Her gingham dress features strawberry print and bows, and she paired it with a polka dot cardigan. She bought both the dress and the cardigan from her favorite shop, Baby The Stars Shine Bright. Michiyu’s is carrying a cute Sugarbunnies bag, and she’s also wearing a bow ring. She paired her polka dot socks with Yosuke cross strap and bow flats.

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  1. Her bag is not a puppy shaped bag it’s a bunny from Sanrio named shirousa

  2. It’s a sugarbunnies bag by the way, not a puppy ^^

  3. @Gilbert & @yusa Thanks! Updated the article to say Sugarbunnies. :-)

  4. Are you sure her shoes are from Yosuke? I own the same pair and they are from Bodyline (look at the black sole)…

  5. @Sweet – Not sure, just went off of what she wrote down. :-)