Kawaii Retro Harajuku Street Style w/ Pink Hair, Cherry Cardigan, Fox Bag, Kiki2 Midi Skirt & Tokyo Bopper

Akane is a Japanese art college student who we have been seeing around the streets of Harajuku recently.

When we met her this evening, she was wearing a cute retro style with a pink hairstyle and bangs, a beret, a cherry knit button up knit cardigan from WC Harajuku, a midi skirt from Kiki2 Koenji, a faux fur fox shaped handbag, ruffle socks, and Tokyo Bopper platform shoes.

Akane’s favorite fashion brand is HEIHEI and she also likes Pinkhouse. She listens to the music of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Follow her on Instagram or check out her online shop for more information on Akane’s art and kawaii fashion.

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