Kawaii Tokyo Street Style w/ Multi-Colored Twin Braids, Decora Hair Accessories, (ME) Harajuku Hoodie, Claire’s, 6%DokiDoki, WEGO Headphones, Algonquins Furry Bag & YRU Rainbow Platforms

Easily catching our eye with her colorful kawaii streetwear look is Dolly, the 27-year-old English teacher and designer we often see in Harajuku.

Dolly is sporting partially-shaved, multi-colored hair styled in twin braids and embellished with decora hair accessories from 6%DokiDoki and WEGO. She stepped out in a pink cropped hoodie jacket with silver chains from (ME) Harajuku, orange cuffed denim shorts from Kohls over neon green tights, rainbow furry leg warmers from Spencer’s, and rainbow platform shoes from YRU. She embellished her style with accessories such as a green face mask with safety pins and silver chains, a pink choker, a silver chain belt, rainbow chains, green headphones, multiple plushie keychains, rainbow bangles and multiple cocktail rings. In addition, Dolly is carrying a dark pink furry Algonquins bag embellished with multiple pin badges. Her accessories are from 6%DokiDoki, Listen Flavor, Claire’s, A for A, Aika Electronics, Conpeitou, That Rainbow Chick and WEGO.

Dolly loves to shop at Claire’s and she likes listening to the music of Miyavi. For her social media updates, follow Dolly on Twitter and Instagram. Also, check out That Rainbow Chick’s Etsy shop!

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