Keith Haring “Andy Mouse” Print, Green Coat & Bow Headband in Harajuku

Natsuki and Miho are a couple of 23-year-olds we recently spotted in Harajuku. We thought that it was very cute they had almost the same hair color, and they were both wearing shades of green.

Natsuki is wearing a jacket from WEGO over a Joyrich x Keith Haring “Andy Mouse” t-shirt from Candy and Uniqlo jeans. His Andy Mouse cap matches his t-shirt, and he’s got a neon green zipper earring. His backpack is Adidas, his buckle shoes are Tokyo Bopper, and he accessorized with a chain necklace and studded bracelet. Natsuki told us he likes to shop at Joyrich.

Miho is wearing a green coat from L’atelier du savon over a mint skirt and cream t-shirt. Her oversized bag is from Fur Fur, and her corduroy slip-ons are Lily Brown. She told us her accessories are from H&M – we noticed a bow headband, pearl earrings, faux-fur cowl, and pearl ring. Miho’s favorite shop is Flower, and she likes listening to SHAKALABBITS.

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  1. O: I love his earrings, and she’s so beautiful!