Khaki Jackets & Striped Socks w/ As Know As, Go To Hollywood & Zucca

We meet Rika and Takuya in Harajuku. They were kind enough to pose for us, and here is what we found out:

Rika works in clothing sales. She is wearing a parka from As Know As over a blue dress from Ne-Net. Her ethnic print bag is Go To Hollywood and her bunny flats are Unica. She is wearing accessories from Q-pot and Go To Hollywood, including round glasses, a knitted headband and rings. Her favorite place to shop is Go To Hollywood and her favorite band is Yuki.

Takuya also works in apparel. He is wearing a camouflage print jacket from Go To Hollywood over a top and pants from Zucca. His bag is Acid Gallery and his loafers are And A. He said his accessories are from Gondoa, and we noticed his hat, cowl, skull earrings and silver ring. His favorite shops are Zucca and Go To Hollywood, and he listens to SiM.

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  1. It’s look great! But why so many clothes,in Japan is cold?
    In Russia we already wear t-shirts.

  2. They look great. I admire their skill in the art of mixing up things.
    To Markus : it’s spring in Japan, but some days are still cold, the weather varies a lot.

  3. There are two things that I really don t like!!!, the girl’s shoes and the boy’s scarf!!! The rest is perfect !!!!