Kill Star Zombie Crop Top, Garter Leggings & Winged Backpack in Harajuku

Meet Rio and Kita, a couple of students who were shopping in Harajuku when we snapped their pics.

Rio is the one to the right, in twin buns and round sunglasses. She is wearing a Kill Star zombie crop top with a vertical striped H&M skirt (very on trend) and garter leggings from Gyda. Her bomber jacket is from Kinji, and the lace-up wedges are Hysteric Glamour. Rio is also wearing a sheer plastic backpack from Spinns, and Nadia accessories. She told us that her favorite brands are Nikki Lipstick, Joyrich and KTZ, and that she likes listening to Big Bang. Find her on Twitter for more info.

Kita is the girl in twin tails and retro aviator glasses. She is wearing a chic graphic tee with a mini skirt and a bomber jacket, over the knee socks and canvas sneakers. Her winged backpack is Bunkaya Zakkaten, and she’s also wearing small star earrings. Kita told us that Spinns is her go-to store, and that she likes rock music. For more updates, you can follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Sammyswisso

    Awesome ichiban ~ Off the Grid Kawaii ♥ ♛ ♫ ✪

  2. I’m glad to see the young having fun! Love the vintage aviator goggles!

  3. Wowh! They look really nice, especialy these goggles. I get really inspired by their outfits!I want to have these goggles too! I guess you can buy them on Ebay right? Or does someone know where to buy cheap but good quality ones?

  4. They look amazing! I’m glad to see the bindi coming back into style…I used to wear the “third eye” jewels back in the 90’s for the few years they were in style when I lived in the UK.

  5. I REALLYYY LOVE KITAS STYLE and i want her retro aviator glasses btw shes so cute <3 oh i love rios glasses even her shoes!!!