Kimono & Amazing Flower Headdress in Harajuku

This is Hiiro, a striking 21-year-old student dressed in something that we just don’t see often enough in Harajuku – a kimono! This isn’t your average kimono, either, as it’s being worn with a wide leather belt and large butterfly buckle. Her amazing headdress is made from an empty cocktail can, silk flowers and strands of pearls. Her shoes are Liz Lisa black suede high heels wrapped in faux fur.

We asked Hiiro about her favorite fashion designer and she told us that she loves Alexander McQueen. If you read Japanese, check out Hiiro’s blog.

Kimono. Flowered Headdress & Liz Lisa Shoes

Flowered hat made from can

Cocktail can & silk flowers

Leather belt & butterfly buckle

Liz Lisa shoes with faux fur

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  1. Not a fan of the can, but other then that she looks gorgeous!

  2. Love it! The kimono is beautiful and the headdress looks great!

  3. What can I say, apart from… AMAZING!! Love the Kimono!
    There should be more photos of people dressed like this.
    Love her make-up as well :)

  4. scarletcherry

    her make-up creeps me out, but overall it’s pretty interesting. love the way she wears the kimono, should be done more often!

  5. awesome. great hairstyle. great idea to put the can and flower together with her hair.

  6. Wonderful twist on the quirky fresh and traditional fashions of Japan. I enjoyed the headdress greatly, her makeup make her look cross eyed when viewing straight on which takes away from her own beauty, the kimono is of course awesome, but agreed the shoes are not right even in the quirky. Her fresh spring look and then woolly bully chunky black feet??? Even if it had been a spring color maybe ok but no…think that was a oops on the look. but hey only my opinion :)

  7. She’s so adorable, I’d plant her in the front yard and water her everyday.

  8. This is so stunning: Love The makeup, the kimono,I like how she has a can in her hair with flowers surrounding it, its so creative. <3

  9. woah, i can´t describe it in words. Its more than just amazing!! Really individual <3 just love it <3

  10. Even as pretty as very traditional kimono dresses are, I like the twist of style and design in this kimono. Older Japanese have often worries that wearing kimonos has been dying out among young people, I have heard. Perhaps this is the direction of Kimonos if Japanese society expects a revival of popularity.

  11. … wow! Great idea. And that can in hair… love it! <3