Kimono Coat w/ Angelic Pretty, Under Dye Bob Hair & Yosuke Creepers in Harajuku

Hikaru is a 19-year-old student who we have been seeing around the streets of Harajuku quite often lately.

In addition to her asymmetrical green under dye bob hairstyle with sparkles, Hikaru’s look here features a vintage kimono jacket over an Angelic Pretty dress and platform creepers with spider webs by the Japanese brand Yosuke. Accessories – some of which came from Mikansei Koenji – include a choker and a Kuroi Kagayaki purse.

Hikaru’s favorite shop is Mikansei Koenji. She likes the music of Cali Gari and Nakamori Akina. Find Hikaru on Twitter for more pictures and information.

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