Kimono, Doll Heads & Giant Tassel Necklace in Harajuku

Onachi quickly caught our eye in Harajuku with traditional Japanese fashion, quirky modern accessories, and two-tone hair.

Onachi is wearing a colorful patterned kimono jacket with a pleated skirt and wooden sandals. Accessories include two Barbie doll heads (one as a hair decoration, the other as a brooch, a giant tassel necklace (like her vivid blush, tassels are often seen in Japan dolly kei subculture), round glasses, and several retro graphic buttons from the Japanese brand Monomania.

Onachi told us that she likes the work of the Japanese designer Keisuke Kanda and she listens to the music of Indigo La End. For more info and pictures, find Onachi on Instagram or Twitter.

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  1. Tamashii

    this style is very rare but still nice. sense magic and voodoo in this style. nice but vicious. cool style.