Kingly Mask, Monomania & Converse Remake

Kaede is a 16-year-old high school student that we photographed in Harajuku. He’s wearing a long sweater coat from Kingly Mask with an oversized t-shirt, bright graphic shorts and black spandex leggings, all from monomania. His t-shirt displays the monomania logo in gold. He described his sneakers as “Converse remake.”

Kaede’s accessories, also from monomania, include a black fringed stole around his neck, a necklace made from a pair of handcuffs on a chain and two unique rings. He’s also wearing an earring with a miniature fork hanging from a ring. His monomania tote bag is decorated with a polka dot bow and a chiffon scarf.

We asked Kaede about his favorite fashion sources and brands and the answer was monomania, Hare and Nadia. His favorite pop star is Lady Gaga.
Kingly Mask, Monomania & Converse Remake

monomania handcuff necklace & fringed stole

Fork earring

Safety pin & fabric ring from monomania

monomania bag with bow & scarf

monomania leggings & Converse remake sneakers

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  1. I want his outfit! He looks so cool.. I love the shirt and jacket! And the bag looks really cute<3

  2. Very trendy outfit, cute guy, but OMG those LIPS are to die for!!! <3

  3. I adore him from head to toe!
    I want that fork earring, I want that handcuffs necklace, I want that black ring, and oh my god: black spandex leggings *.*

  4. absolutely perfect! he wears many things but it doesn’t look chaotic. really impressive… C:

  5. I’ve seen him before in another street photo snap. Love his outfit though :)

  6. want those leggings and shoes!!!! So cool, love the outfit! :D

  7. Such a strange skirt ! xD I like his haircut, his leggings and his shoelaces~