Kinji, Adidas & Spank!

Mina and Yoshihara, both students, are wearing resale fashions from Kinji. On the left is 21-year-old Mina, wearing a pink wig with pigtails and pom poms and an ice cream cone top from Spank! Her skirt is a remake from the Kinji resale shop. Her shoes (which are duck slippers) were bought at Bunkaya Zakkaten and her accessories and bag are from Spank!

Mina’s friend is 22-year-old Yoshihara. His bright graphic top is from a resale shop and his purple sequin skirt came from Kinji. He’s wearing graphic leggings and bright yellow Adidas shoes. Yoshihara’s jewelry is from Titicaca and he’s carrying a large Mickey Mouse bag.

Mina said her favorite shops / brands are Pink Start and Spank! Her favorite music is rock from the West. Yoshihara likes to shop at the Mouse and Kinji resale shops. His current favorite music is Endlicheri☆Endlicheri.
Kinji, Adidas & Spank!

Pink wig & Spank! top

Pink pigtails & bright blue eyes

Hair pom poms and lace headband

Spank! logo bag

Duck slippers & white print tights

Bright resale top & beads

Mickey Mouse bag

Accessories from Titicaca

Graphic leggings & yellow Adidas

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    the way they put together their outfits are really cool.
    so unique <3

  2. a little bit over the top, but it is Tokyo I guess! Love her hair, and her ice cream top… not sure about the shoes, they look a bit like slippers

  3. these combination look so great together, just great! I love her wig *___*

  4. I’m pretty sure you’ve photographed her before…

  5. This is not working for me… It just looks sloppy. But the girl has a really cute face though! ^^

  6. I like the girls hair color but idk if I could dye my hair that color perm! I think her shoes are really cute, I don’t care for the guys outfit that much, but the girl is cute

  7. mmm… The colour combinations are good, but I can’t like it. It looks like they just threw everything in without thinking about it

  8. Girl is really cute, but it just looks like a mish-mash of stuff….srry but this was poorly executed in my opinion…

  9. Haha so happy seeing someone having same addidas shoes as me I bought from jp too!!!! But is rather big cos (men’s shoes) kekes bright yellow 