Kinji & Daybreak Resale Fashion

This cool 23-year-old guy is a Kinji resale store staffer named Tomoya. He’s wearing a long mesh parka, red t-shirt and green print skirt from Kinji. His black and white dotted leggings are from Daybreak. His leather Dr. Martens boots are also from Daybreak.

Tomoya is carrying a cool bag featuring an image of the Statue of Liberty from @stylist. His accessories include a chunky chain necklace and large sunglasses with trendy white frames.

Tomoya told us his favorite brands are Comme des Garcons and Vivienne Westwood. His favorite music is by Acid Man and Hawaiian 6. His website is Gunma Street Snaps.
Kinji & Daybreak Resale Fashion

White frame sunglasses & mesh parka

Kinji parka, @stylist bag

Daybreak leggings & Dr. Martens boots

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  1. not diggin the bottom half, shoes okay but not the rest and he looks cute :)

  2. Kinji himself is like an object of art ;)…
    I like his boots, socks, leggins and this sort of skirt and glasses and parka…I would change t shirt & neckless.
    But leggins and psychodelic skirt are GREAT! my ideal of pajama ;)
    Kinji is a Cool guy!

  3. PS. I know his name is really Tomoya but as he is dressed in Kinji stuff…for me is Kinji :)

  4. What’s amazing about Kinji is that when you enter the store, it may seem like it has the stock of an ordinary thrift store. Yet, the shop staff have some of the coolest style I have ever seen. Its amazing how the Japanese tend to take something that others may not want, and re-make, create, and mix it in a way that is not only wearable and avant-garde, but completely unique and original. -Street Fashion Illustrations

  5. Im starting to see more guys wearing skirts in Japan during the seasons.

    I have a feeling this will take off in NYC soon. COMMES DES GARCONS are making pant-like/skirts & Uniqlo in NYC are starting to experiment with leggings for guys.

    At this rate…if you know what your going for as far as the style is concerned, Skirts for guys will probably work in the near future.

  6. the guy on the right in the back round compared to this guy is ur average joe