Maruyama is a self-described Furita who’s wearing a stylish outfit that’s put together with items from resale stores. Her white top is from Heather and her bright patchwork skirt is from the popular resale store called Kinji. Around her neck is a colorful shawl from Hanjiro. The chouchou (scrunchie) on her wrist is from Swimmer.

Maruyama’s red embellished shoes are from Mare Mare (she’s wearing them with leg warmers) and her red fabric cross-body bag is from Titicaca. We asked about her favorite shops/brands and she told us they are SM2, Kinji, Uni-qlo and Muji. You can visit her website here.
Kinji Patchwork Skirt & Hanjiro Shawl

Heather top & Hanjiro shawl

Head scarf & shawl

Mare mare shoes & leg warmers

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  1. She looks absolutly adoreable! NO european could pull off this looks as good as her

  2. Dominique

    So cuuuuutttttteeeee! I love how comfotable it looks. Plus the shows gives an oriental vide with the flower detail. This outfit is perfection. xD

  3. lol, the giant scarf is over-doing it I think. Somehow, though – I want it. I might even wear it. I’m not sure why… It’s just sort of… delicious looking, in a awkward sort of way.

  4. as i always say…Japanese can look good in stuff most of other people can not look good at all…I like the most her shoes and how to call it…socks?
    about eyes…Japanese tend to have amazing pretty eyes, so standart :)

  5. Random chick

    The girl is very cute, but her outfit makes her look like a homeless woman.

  6. muteeara yuuks

    kyaaa she wears BATIK on her skirt. batik from INDONESIAN !! .wooooow .i’m so proud wkwkwk

  7. LOVE the colours! Her whole outfit looks so fresh and comfy~ ( * o * )

  8. This is perfect on her!!
    I love it. And she’s pretty.

  9. imii chan

    wooow, there are BATIK in her skirt !!! beautiful ! :)