Kinji Scarf Skirt & Colorful Adidas Shoes

Here’s an 18-year-old student with bobbed hair that we met in Harajuku. Sakata is wearing a white ruffled blouse under a fitted gray vest embellished with gold braid and buttons from the Hanjiro resale store. Her brightly colored skirt with a handkerchief hem is from Kinji. It looks like it’s made from large scarves.

Sakata’s multi-colored Adidas shoes coordinate perfectly with her skirt. Over her shoulder she’s carrying a bag from Bunka Fashion College.
Kinji skirt, gray vest & Adidas shoes

Ruffled shirt & gray vest from Hanjiro resale store

Handkerchief hem & Adidas shoes

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  1. Looks like some sort of Scandinavian traditional garb :P You know, except where it doesn’t.

  2. Whoa it looks like she was in a fight are those red marks bruises and I think that’s a tear plus she just looks sad/scared but besides that I do like her vest

  3. OMG! the skirt is amazing!! i totally love the vibrancy! the material reminds me of hermes’s satin scarves.

  4. ummm i like the top (blouse + vest)
    skirt & shoes totally not my thingy 0.o

  5. Love the skirt, but homegirl looks like she’s had a rough night o_O at least she hasn’t let it affect her dress sense ^_^

  6. Dominique

    The shirt and the vest looks colonial. I like the skirt, it’s is so my style with all those different colors