Kinji Staffer’s Decora Style w/ Pink Twin Tails, Butterfly Hair Jewelry, Angel Blue Coin Purse Necklace, The Little Mermaid Pants, Tiered Skirt Panel, Handmade Bag & Skechers Sneakers

While walking along the streets of Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood, we came across Chi-chan, a Kinji staffer whose colorful ensemble easily drew our attention.

Sporting bold pink twin tails styled with heart hair ties and butterly hair jewelry, Chi-chan stepped out in a red floral print sleeveless top from Kinji, which she layered over a yellow tie-dye shirt with cuffed sleeves from Chicago. Pink pajama pants with The Little Mermaid prints from Kinji, a tri-color tiered skirt panel with polka dot prints, striped purple and white socks and canvas sneakers with pink laces from Skechers rounded out her outfit. Chi-chan embellished her style with accessories such as a colorful printed face mask, a pastel bead necklace, an Angel Blue coin purse necklace and a colorful glass bead bracelet. Most of her accessories are from Mezzo Piano and Daisy Lovers. Also, Chi-chan is carrying a handmade canvas tote bag with ruffled pocket trims and toy accents.

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