Kita-Kore Top & Lace Skirt vs. Muji Bag & Pinstripes

Here is a couple who are showing some distinctive style put together with items from resale stores. The cute girl on the right is Okamoto, a 19-year-old beauty school student. She’s wearing a red print top that she bought in the Kita-Kore building. Her short black lace skirt is from a resale store. She’s accessorized the skirt with a wide black leather belt.

Okamoto is also wearing a black jacket with short sleeves and ruffles around the neck. Her cute black ankle boots are from a resale store and her black bag is from Peace Face. Her jewelry includes a chain necklace with rectangular beads.

The cool guy on the left with red hair is 20-year-old Yamaguchi. He’s wearing a v-neck Force Consulting t-shirt with pinstriped pants, both from a resale store. His accessories include suspenders and a pin that says “The Pope of Greenwich Village” (a Mickey Rourke movie from the 1980s).

Yamaguchi’s black suede shoes are from George Cox. His Muji x World tote bag features graphics of sign language. He’s jewelry includes a ring and watch that he borrowed from his girlfriend.

Yamaguchi’s favorite places to shop are the Kita-Kore Building and Shonen Junk. We asked them about their favorite music and Okamoto said Rip Slyme. Yamaguchi likes the melocore genre.
Kita-Kore Top & Lace Skirt vs. Pinstripes & Suspenders

Red print top & ruffled jacket

Peace Face bag

Resale ankle boots

V-neck t-shirt & suspenders

Muji x World bag

George Cox shoes

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  1. high-waisted skirts is pretty common but high-waisted trousers is not in young japanese.
    it’s so difficult to dress the latter well but he really done up.
    i love his unique dressing and hair color.

  2. EDIT
    the boys pale gray colored t-shirts is awesome.
    it wouldn’t have been so fine if he wore white one.

  3. I LOVE the suspenders, would love to have that color. oh and beatiful on the womens outfit, like the striped socks aswell.