Kobinai Kimono Japanese Street Style w/ Shaved Hairstyle, Rainbow Pants, Handmade Doll Heads Bag & Lace-Up Boots

Easily catching our attention on the streets of Tokyo is Airi, a 15-year-old Japanese student.

In addition to her partially-shaved hairstyle and eye-catching face makeup, Airi is dressed in a Kobinai outfit, which consists of a purple satin kimono with blue contrast trims and frog patches, a black printed turtleneck top and rainbow pants. Black leather lace-up boots and accessories – some handmade – such as clear eyeglasses, a video game chain necklace, a charm necklace, a double grommet belt and a toy snake. She is also carrying a handmade clear tote bag with a rainbow strap and doll head embellishments. Airi is also eating a carrot, something we often see her doing in Harajuku.

Airi loves to shop at Kobinai, and she is active on Instagram.

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